A cute little boat

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Here’s something nice for your day. Lets forget about things that are ‘edgy’ and ‘challenging’ and just watch something that gives you a bit of a warm feeling inside.

Nelson Boles is a clever guy creating beautiful little animations. He’s also a top storyteller which is so important. You can’t help but feel something for this wee vessel, even though the storyline is incredibly simple and there is next to no sound. Little Boat takes on you a journey through the wear and tear of daily life, or life at sea. The destruction that this guy comes across in his journey takes it’s toll on him and you can’t help but feel saddened. But, there is a redeeming side as well as we see the destruction turn and instead help to recreate.

It’s a great little film and it’s been around for a few months now, but even after watching it a number of times, it still gives me the warm fuzzies. You can watch another animation of his here, also a great example of quiet, simple storytelling.

Logan Bradley

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