Ashley Smith x Jalouse by Matthew Frost

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Although this post highlights the new ‘short film’ featuring Ashley Smith for Jalouse by Matthew Frost, the star of this post is Frost himself.

Frost is one of those creative people you can’t really pin down into one occupation. So let’s describe him as someone who works across film and photography, narrative, commercial and editorial. Frost has directed music videos for bands like M83 and also co-wrote the Larry Clark feature Wassup Rockers. Based in New York, and splitting his time between Los Angeles and Paris, Frost’s work on the Ashley Smith short for Jalouse I like because Frost has made something so delicate and truthful that you can’t help but smile (the socks at the beginning…).

This little short, made about a month ago is a cute snapshot into the life of a Parisian girl. Ashley Smith is actually American so one’s imagination is being put into gear here. It’s light and satirical which gives it a nice warm feel.

Now, I’m at the point in this post where I link you to more of his work. Just because I mention this film at the tail end of this post I don’t want it to seem flippant or to throw away any of it’s importance and charm. The film is Wassup Rockers (Co-written by Frost and Directed by Larry Clark) about skaters from South Central that go to Hollywood and get into all kinds of trouble. But it’s the portraits by Frost from the film that I suggest you guys take a look at first if you haven’t seen the film already. I think it flexes Frost’s creative muscle and shows a kind of ‘non-editorial’ side to his body of work.


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