CONNECTIONSy Fall/Winter 2017-18



CONNECTIONSy is a young fashion brand started by Yang Shang after he graduated with a Master of Fashion Design from Domus Academy. The head office is based also based in Milan, with representation in a showroom in New York, and soon Shanghai. The label’s latest season, Fall/Winter 2018-17 is making its debut at Shanghai Fashion Week in April. It will be on show at the VTOV Showroom in the Shanghai Fashion Park 7th – 13th April, in addition to a runway show on 9th April at the Shanghai Xintiandi Andaz Hotel.

CONNECTIONSy takes its name from the designer’s surname — it’s an English translation of Yang, though the word is much more full of texture and nuance in Mandarin. In the past, Yang has taken inspiration from travel and architecture, and the Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection follows this trend. The current collection is inspired by the city of Barcelona in its full eclectic glory. The designer lists Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Milà and Sagrada Família as key references, along with Pablo Picasso’s Cubist phase. These iconic figures’ styles are apparent in Yang’s work, Gaudi’s influence in particular. His signature curves are translated into undulating cuts for coats, jackets, and dresses. Petal-like layers of heavy fabric carve a bold shape that is both minimalist and feminine. Severe neck lines are balanced with flirty peplum elsewhere. The colours are kept to icy blues, black, white and sand. Geometric prints on glossy satins resemble stained glass windows, or structural elements of the buildings that inspired them. They dilute the blank colour scheme of the collection, while adhering to the pared-back elegance of the other garments. CONNECTIONSy’s latest offering is a smart, interesting, but very wearable collection. Looking forward to seeing more from this new talent.