Darkroom by The Bakery



Red is definitely having a moment in the world of design, and the branding for new fashion concept store, Darkroom, has used the colour in a very uncompromising, bad-ass kind of way. The identity for Darkroom was developed by Moscow based studio The Bakery, and zeros in on the store’s concept to seek out the dark side of human nature through fashion, music and counter culture. Following this, and taking colour hints from the red and black environment of the traditional darkroom, this striking brand was born.

Black and red in various combinations dominate the identity, beginning with a super-wide word mark that feels like it’s been pulled from a dystopian science fiction film. This film reference is felt throughout the brand with brand names listed like a credit roll and printed on carry bags, and bold statements that read like film promos used across store promotional material. The black and red is punctuated by an uber-cool red to white gradient that couldn’t be more perfect in it’s continuation of mood and tone, while creating a refreshing break from the darkness. The website and initial editorial work continues the theme with a heavy use of black and white imagery, cool concretes, and hard red overlays.

It all adds up to a brand that truly owns it’s own space with a visual language that illustrates the very core of the brand.