Draw Black: The Winner is.....



Frontier is pleased to announce the winner of our most recent creative challenge Draw Black!

Congratulations to Rafa Torres from Peubla de los Angeles, Mexico!!!

Rafa's entry, 'John the Baptist's Head' ticked all the boxes for us here at Frontier! The strength of the image is obvious and it immediately stood out. Dark tangled hair dominates the work, only punctuated by a dead gaze staring out confronting you directly. The tribal markings not only seem modern in their apple green, but also almost clothe the head like a gift…. just as the story of Salome tells.

Rafa's work communicates a historical story in a fresh, contemporary way… and we like that!

As the winner of Draw Black, Rafa will receive a shiny new iPad, a Sensu brush for iPad, and a limited edition print set from the Draw Black creative challenge!

Congratulations Rafa!! We love your work!