Erwan Frotin, we like you!



I can't remember how I came across this guy, but I recently rediscovered him in my bookmarks. I remember when I first looked at his work that I was really taken by his amazing use of the gradient…. and I still am, but I don't think I properly looked through his work before and now I'm all about mackerel and lemons!

This series of works titled 'Sketch', are a beautiful example of contemporary still life. I love it. The compositions and parings are odd and uncomfortable and yet beautiful and compelling at the same time. This uncomfortable feeling was often found in the dutch masters, and I think that here, Erwan has succeeded in a similar feel but with a modern edge. I also like how this is just a bunch of chopped up veggies that have been assembled in a way that makes you reconsider what you are looking at.

Erwan Frotin is a Franco-Swiss photographer. He has exhibited extensively and in my mind has an amazing aesthetic. As his bio says, he's an "enthusiastic astrologer, an excellent botanist and animal lover", and best of all…. "a vibrant dancer and a clumsy scuba diver"! Like your sense of humour Erwan.

Seriously though… his shots are amazing. Please look at the rest of his work, especially 'Flora Olbiensis'. The gradients are so good in that series and just generally beautiful. Just like Paul Octavious, this guy is not only a great photographer, but also has a seriously good eye for styling and art direction.

Erwan's work looks so much better on his own site so I suggest that you spend some time working through his different bodies of work over there.

Logan Bradley