Frontier Presents: Special guest writer - Liana Van Rensburg.



We like other people's opinions.

So, we are inviting talented individuals to guest write on the Frontier blog from time to time. Here, they'll share their views on things that are cool and inspiring them at the moment.

First up is a good friend of Frontier. Liana is a top notch 3D Generalist who has worked for Passion Pictures in London and Mac Guff in Paris. Hmmm… nice. Here she talks to us about a video she found by Niki & The Dove.

"I came across this clip a couple of weeks ago by Niki & The Dove. Although from a 3D perspective it has sloppy CG elements, I couldn't resist it. I liked it way too much. It's beautiful and it does what music videos are supposed to do: It compliments the thing you are listening to and doesn't dominate or take away from the music. 

The song is great, which is probably why they are able to get away with so much. And because the art direction and concept development is so tight, you (me, anyway) forgive them for the bad animation, intersecting geo and cheap dynamics. It is a nice idea, with a lovely aesthetic, and reasonably well executed with what I can only assume was a small budget. 

These guys are about to blow up and I am sure the next clip we see from them will silence us all."

Thanks Liana…. we like your work and all your music tips. If you want to check out more from Niki & The Dove then head here, The Drumn is also pretty good.