Handy Crafts with Zim And Zou



A bit of needle work anyone?

I came across the work of Zim And Zou recently and I liked what I saw. Im not a type expert but I am trying to get into it a bit more. Zim And Zou is a french graphic design studio made up of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann, who work in different media across different disciplines.  A hand crafted approach seems to be something they have a particular strength in, producing a range of beautiful installations using paper and sculptural techniques. I particularly like the palette they use. It's fresh and clean and strong.

This type really grabbed my attention. I like the fact that its handmade and that it's not perfect. The video of its construction is interesting, and I really enjoy the drawings of the letters before they've been stitched.

The handmade aesthetic is one that is extremely popular at the moment and it is nice and refreshing to see this in an age when pretty much anything can be achieved in the digital world. I guess what often can't be achieved is the 'feel' that you get from an actual created object. This Natural Gas commercial is an excellent example of this. That said, I recently saw an advertisement for McDonald's which was completely hand crafted, but the process added little to the final result. I think that maybe this is because when working in this manner, simplicity is best, something I think Zim And Zou have got spot on.

Check out the rest of their work…. I might feature more of it in the future because it's really nice. You can buy the type here if you're interested.


Logan Bradley