Martin Boyce wins the Turner



So this year's most controversial art prize goes to Glaswegian artist Martin Boyce.

Boyce was selected for the Turner prize for his solo exhibition "Do words have voices" in Zurich where he characteristically filled the gallery with an installation of vaguely representational outdoor park equipment. What looks like an abstracted table-tennis table sits centrally surrounded by paper leaves and concrete paintings.

I wasn't familiar with any of this year's nominees and I have to say that I've enjoyed doing a little research and learning about their practice. One thing that I've definitely noted about this year however, is the lack of punch in the work. BUT, I've decided that this is a good thing.

The Turner prize has previously annoyed me for all its spectacle, and the fact that I too have been guilty of getting caught up in the controversy. Sometimes I feel like a child at a theme park with art these days and all I want to do is go on the biggest ride. So for me, looking and learning about these artists was a good lesson in the humble. To be honest, I appreciated aspects of all this year's works. The Telegraph's video interviews with the artists do a great job at highlighting the subtle nuances of the entries.

I like how in the videosĀ Karla Black talks about the 'consequences of her sculptures', how George Shaw discusses the mundane in his paintings of 'places where nothing has happened or is going to happen'. I really liked how Hilary Lloyd describes her film work as being built up in a manner similar to painting, and how Boyce (the winner!) questions where the start or the end point of his process is.

There is a great article here about how art only looks at the spectacle these days, and how poor old George Shaw should've taken the top prize. I don't know if thats definitely the case, but I did feel a little guilty reading the article because I do believe that most of what this author is saying is justified.

Anyway, on a separate note - go Glasgow! Double nominee this year which is impressive. Go treat yourselves with an IRN-BRU.

Logan Bradley