Monument Valley: The best looking game of 2014?



It's so nice when a game aesthetic surprises you. I think that's one of my main aversions with many games is that aesthetically I just can't get into it. Monument Valley by UsTwo however got me right from the first image I saw. Beautifully rendered with the cutest of characters, Monument Valley is hitting it right across colour palettes, design and game play.

Using the popular isomeric look that has dominated a lot of vector illustration over the last few years, UsTwo have developed a game that leads the silent protagonist, a simple but cute Princess Ida, through impossible worlds and mysterious monuments. Guiding her through mazes and puzzles are only some of the fun you'll have playing this wonderful game. Along the journey you'll encounter hidden paths that allow you to jump ahead and unfold optical illusions, all while dodging and outwitting the puzzling little Crow People (who are really just as cute as the Princess). You can also watch this sweet little 'behind the scenes' by clicking here. It gives such good insight into the process of building a game like this and also the wonderful people that put it together. Worth a watch.

Monument Valley was only recently released on iOS at the beginning of April and is soon to be versioned for Android, but already it's gaining rave reviews from a design and game play point of view with Wired Magazine stating that "this might be the most beautiful iPad game of 2014". A pretty good way to start.

You can pick up your copy of Monument Valley for next to nothing on the app store. Get in there.

Logan Bradley