Movistar+ Rebrand



Movistar is a telecommunications company owned by Telefónica, one of the largest telephone operators in the world. Movistar+ is the brand’s digital subscription service and is the result of a merger between Canal+ and Movistar TV.

Branding for a telecommunications brand is always exciting as not only does the job require some solid graphic design work, but animation and filmed material are also required to bring the job to life. It means that a design needs to work on multiple levels and for multiple formats, rather than just print as so many branding jobs require. With the ongoing surge of social media and digital advertising - being conscious of good design that moves is really an imperative.

The rebrand for Movistar+ by Spanish studios Mucho and Cómodo, encapsulates all of the above in a concise and clever manner, utilising three main devices to bring the brand to life. Firstly, the plus sign of the logo is made up of two right angles that can split apart to form a framing device, used singularly as arrows, or as eyes to add expression. It’s a device we’ve seen before, but the studios have expanded on it's usage and done so superbly.

The second brand element take it’s visual language from a multi-platform concept. The grid structure is made up of various shapes and sizes referencing new and old TV dimensions, as well as tablet and phone screens. The modular windows off-set each other and allow for varying styles of communication to occur within an overall frame. Promo shots sit happily next to screenshots from random Youtube videos creating a wonderful sense of communication and dialogue between the images. This part is really quite genius as not only is it visually engaging, but it creates a personal conversation between the brand and the audience, as though they’re personally directing a joke our way.

The third device is the use of ‘Emovicons. Here the right-angles from the plus sign become the eyes of various characters. These little guys engage directly with the content, making fun and adding drama, or creating needed personality. They also add a strong graphic dimension that can be used solely on it’s own for print purposes or for situations where content imagery isn’t available.

The above brand film gives a really great insight into the entire package. It’s a whirlwind of colour and animation and in some instances feels overwhelming with bright colours, emovicons and boxes popping up all over the place. However it’s exciting nonetheless and shows a real skill by the creators to be able to design for such a broad usage.