Nice type: nice integration



Check out this beautiful work by Melbourne based designer Josip Kelava. There are a few things about this work that I like.

1. The Type: Josip is obviously a fan of hand crafted type. On his Behance page there are a few handmade type options, all of them good. I like how the typeface he's created here isn't what you would usually pair with a dance company, in fact it took me a while to fully appreciate it, but in the end I decided that it was refreshing to see this almost ultra modern hieroglyphic used with what's perceived as a classic art form.

2. The incorporation: I really enjoy how he's used the type in conjunction with the imagery. The way the dancer is intertwined with the letters not only creates interest but also nicely references the wrapping and linking that often occurs in dance. This integration is a trick he's used before but I think it works perfectly here.

3. The simplicity: I'm always a fan of clean imagery. This is a great example of that.

Logan Bradley