Other Side by Thom Haig — a reminder that the ”other” is just like us



Other Side is a gorgeously animated film that consists of 100% computer generated imagery, though this may come as a surprise. If you watch it without looking too hard, it would be easy to assume that you have in front of you a documentary film a la Adam Curtis. The same omnipresent, somewhat didactic voice fills the virtual space. The imagery is somewhat nostalgic — the stacks of screens in the control room, the lonely dark lounge with a TV on, the turning rolls of film. These visuals hark back to a pre-internet time, but also act as a reminder that the traditional TV-streamed news programmes remain an influential medium.

The short film is actually created by London based animator Thom Haig. He is a skilled animator, deftly establishing an ominous film-noir atmosphere, where the danger waiting around the corner is not the classic hard-boiled detective, but false facts and fear mongering that underscores the politics and mainstream media of today. Other Side points out the ways in which we continue to be manipulated into fear-motivated responses to perceived “otherness.” It’s a rallying call to welcome the information flow wiht an open but critical mind and to remember that maybe there is no “other side” after all.

Check out Thom Haig’s other work here. He is also a keen photographer, a side of him you can follow on his blog.