Pigalle and Ill Studio collaborate on a basketball court



French creative studio Ill Studio and fashion designer Pigalle have collaborated on another transformation of a basketball court in Paris. Ill Studio have their beginnings in a skate magazine. This start helped them develop stellar art direction skills, which they have applied to a host of projects that most studios could only dream of. Ill Studio have directed videos, created publications, organised exhibitions, and collaborated with an envious variety of fashion designers including Nike, Bally, Supreme, Louis Vuitton, and Christophe Lemaire. Pigalle founder Stéphane Ashpool has also worked with the team several times throughout the years.
The basketball court is situated across the road from Pigalle Basketball, an offshoot from the luxury urban wear brand that offers pieces make in collaboration with Nike. The court’s previous reincarnation was inspired by the geometric shares and primary colours of a painting by Kasimir Malevich. The latest update sees the rubber court dipped in a pink /  purple gradient, with the walls emblazoned with panels of LA sunset hues — the pinks and purples accompanied by sunny orange and gold. The hoop backboards beckon in transparent fluro pink. I am not certain how practical this court is for serious games, but the immersive environment would certainly be an experience. And it looks impressive amongst Paris’s traditional architecture. Explore more of Ill Studio’s work here, and check out Pigalle’s collections online.

Photos: Sebastien Michelini and Alex Penfornis.