Rick Owens does furniture



So Rick Owens does furniture? Who would have known?

If your not familiar with Rick Owens, he is a fashion designer, once a resident of Los Angeles, now of Paris. His style is gothic to say the least. Imagine a lot of black and more black, leather, interesting cuts and drapery. His light weight, extra long cotton t-shirts are one of his famed items. Street and luxury mashed together.

Turns out that on top of producing both men's and women's collections, he has also been designing his own furniture, mainly for his workrooms and offices. A small selection of this furniture was exhibited in Berlin at a show titled 'To pop a boner' (!) in 2010, and now is currently showing recent designs in a empty garage in Mayfair, London.

His furniture is stark and constructed from a limited palette of materials: black-stained plywood, alabaster and bronze. Curator, Oscar Humphries calls it an 'apocalyptic palette' which I think is a perfect description. It's pared back, and refined, but brutal at the same time, and all with a heavy gothic feel, but devoid of ornamentation. One article likened the lack of ornamentation to Donald Judd, which I can totally see, but in my head, not the Judd we know, rather a dark, deep black Judd. Its very cool.

If you want to see something else a little strange coming from the Owens department, check out the DRKSDW link on his website. A little creepy and odd. His S/S12 men's and women's collections are both on there too.


Logan Bradley