Soubois Restaurant identity by Baillat. Studio



Baillat. Studio’s visual identity for Soubois Restaurant immediately stood out for me from amongst a sea of branding projects. Soubois is located right in Montréal's downtown area. It is in fact much more than a restaurant, even though it serves premium contemporary cuisine. Soubois stays awake and vibrant into the night, inviting punters in for drinks and club nights. The interior is dim, highlighted by coloured spotlights. It features plenty of warm wooden detailing and more luxurious textures and surfaces. Coming in to this space is a transition from the ordinary, everyday world to a mysterious playground.

For this project, Baillat. Studio teamed up with Speakeasy, who specialise in consulting, strategy and project management. Baillat. Studio’s vision for the Soubois identity is forward-thinking, and is key in shaping the public perception of the restaurant. It highlights the unique and otherworldly aspects of the brand. The wordmark features a bespoke typeface that gives a nod to a classic serif, updating it with a 3D twist, that gives it a quirky confidence. A hypnotic decagon is a symbol that expands across the collateral, promising a mesmerising experience to be had by all that dare to enter the world of Soubois. The imagery certainly presents a wondrous land of glowing mushrooms, plants, and oysters. Neon-lit animal mascots fixate potential victims with their unwavering gaze from event posters. And, an elegant, shapely serif typeface shines of posters pertaining to fine dining occasions. The dark green-black that headlines as the main background colour is a sultry and unique choice, a welcome step away from the purples that commonly denote luxury.

Check out more from Baillat. Studios here, and see their website for a more frustration viewing experience. The rest of their work, for clients such as Red Bull Studios, is equally as stellar and surprising.