St. Kilda’s Luna Park rebrand by SML



The Luna Park in St Kilda, Melbourne is a historic amusement park that has been around since 1912. It’s roller coaster is the oldest continuously operating one in the world. The Luna Park has a kitschy appearance, many of the rides being very old, and others appearing in bright colours and miniature sizes appropriate to young visitors. It’s an iconic place, not only due to its long history, but because of the large and slightly disconcerting entrance gates, which resemble a giant clown face with a huge open mouth that swallows up the visitors into its inner world of wonder.

The park’s old logo was an eclectic mix of clashing novel typefaces, topped with what looked like a cross between The Simpsons’ Lisa and Krusty the Clown. It may have communicated the madness of the place, but wasn’t much of a pull for the more visually sophisticated crowd. SML, a branding agency based in Melbourne, has produced a rebrand that feels very much of-the-now. The new logo’s centre piece is a stylised illustration of the iconic entrance gates, with the mouth emphasised. The words “Luna Park” are stashed inside it in friendly condensed capitals glowing in a neon mint green. The illustration make use of basic shapes, pure bight colours, and a thick purple outline too make it pop. It’s recognisable and looks good at small scales. A suite of playful variations for different occasions and holidays shows its surprising versatility. The look may be a little too on-trend, but when seen on the otherwise pared-back stationery and website, it easily communicates the qualities it should: wackiness, fun, and humour. A series of ride identifying icons has been drawn in a similar style, but with a lot more detail. The logo also looks very good in gold, adapted for the Luna Park Events sub brand. Here, it takes on an unexpected level of sophistication, making the amusement park a potential attraction for corporate clients.

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