Starlight is a short film created by seven third year students of Media Design School’s Bachelor of Art and Design. As a part of the degree programme, students are involved in creating a number of productions, ranging from smaller projects through to the longer format films that the school continues to win awards for. 

Although the hero, end of degree films are always incredible, it’s sometimes in the smaller productions that you find delightful little gems. Starlight is one such film. The two-minute story revolves around a very simple human response - doing something for the one you love. In this case, the couple are heading towards the end of their lives, with illness and death being a close reality. Despite this, the magic hasn’t disappeared and is displayed in the most remarkable way.

What’s great about the work that’s produced by these students is the importance of considered storytelling. Starlight offers real emotion, not something that’s easily conjured, and presents it in a very tangible way. As well as narrative, the 3D is nicely done, with lovely wide shots filled with starry skies, and warm intimate interiors where the tone reflects the love the characters share.

You can keep up with some of the other short films being released by the school by checking out their Facebook page or their website.