Syfy Goes Back To The Future



Back in 2009 Syfy did the unthinkable - changing the way the channel spelt it’s name from the traditional SciFi to a more modern interpretation of the name. The idea was that the channel was opening up to a world that was broader than the offering that the traditionally spelt name implied.

The logo that accompanied the change was a pretty generic affair and pushed as far away from any science fiction association as it could. But it did it’s job.

It’s latest iteration by Loyalkaspar has pulled the brand back into the space from which the channel emerged. The logo is is all about the genre with letter forms that hark back to futurist fonts used in the 70’s and 80’s. The no-shame logo wears it’s sci-fi badge with pride in bold colours, accompanied by a suite of confident graphics. The entire package embraces the genre in all it’s various forms, celebrating the nostalgia, cliché and the out-of-this world in a bright, contemporary manner.