The Dark Side of the Moon



I came across this guy's work the other day. I'm kind of obsessed with lines and so his aesthetic really appealed. Illustration is definitely having a boom period at the moment which is great, and these works by Stewart Scott-Curran are a great example.

He uses reduced elements. Colour and line. But there's still a lot going on. I think that's a great example of how working with less doesn't mean less.

The other thing I liked when reading about Stewart, was learning about his sporting background. He's pretty up there in terms of the football design world. What I find interesting is the contrast between that extremely commercial aesthetic that is necessary for that world, compared to these illustrations. He's also very good with type and other stuff too. Obviously one talented cookie.

Check out the rest of the series here, and spend time going through his other work. It's pretty rad.

Logan Bradley