Brian Thoreen is a Los Angeles based designer whose furniture and architectural installations draw their inspiration and ethos from the very nature of the materials he designs with. His governing principle dictates that the final product directly speaks the truth of it’s construction.

Thoreen’s latest collection, on show now at Patrick Parrish, holds true to this principle with a range of objects and abstract furnishings that use materiality to guide the overall design. Unsettled consists of eight pieces that perform a sort of balancing act, using the weight of the materials to cantilever or prop up elements of the designs. In Unsettled Cantilever Table, a thick piece of smokey, black glass is sandwiched between a large, bronze block and marble slab, the two pieces holding the protruding glass outward ready for use. Unsettled Block Table sees a glass cube, lop-sided with one rounded corner, propped up in position with another bronze block. The piece seems to hover in a state of constant peril, where one wrong move would send it falling to it’s demise. This tension is created without the use of traditional fasteners or adhesives, a piece of knowledge that adds a certain amount of unease when viewing and interacting with the designs. This fine balancing act continues throughout the entire collection and feels in a strange way as a reflection of the worlds current climate, nowhere more so than Thoreen’s home in the U.S where instability seems to be underpinning everyday life. 

Brian Thorn, Unsettled, is on show now at Patrick Parrish in New York.

Images: Courtesy brianthoreen.com