Why we like Paul Octavious



I've just got a soft spot for this guys work.

There are a few things I like about it but the main thing that attracts me is the casual and pared back approach of his photos. I can't quite decide what category to put this guy in, which is probably why I find his work so beautiful and interesting. There is a subtlety there but also surprise when he shows you something in a new light.

Paul is a photographer and designer from Connecticut in the U.S. He's an 80's kid (another reason why he's great) with a superb aesthetic. For those of you that may be new to his work, he nearly always works in a series and mainly works within the confines of his living room or bedroom. His subject matter is often domestic; bottles, records, books and ornaments all feature but in new and exciting ways. (He also does a series about a hill - it's awesome).

One of the main repeating items that he uses is a side table in his living room. This table becomes part of many works as the base for which he documents his still life upon. I like this. I like the repetition and the familiarity. I like that this is documentation of the everyday but in odd and beautiful ways and that the table is the constant throughout. For some reason, that side table has got my attention. In some ways, I see his photographs as both documentary and as artworks in themselves, and his subject as still life but also as constructions.

As much as he is a beautiful photographer with a unique approach, he's also got some serious talent for art direction and placement. I do believe that this, along with the quality of light he photographs in (Im suspecting that he is very familiar with the timing for the best natural light coming in from that bay window) help to make the images successful.

Enough gush?

Check out his work… and if your keen you can even buy a print for yourself.


Logan Bradley