Winter Milk



I usually don’t write on branding projects such as this. Not necessarily because they’re not good, mainly because there's so many variations on a theme out there that they all begin to meld into one. However there was something about Anagrama’s peppy identity for Winter Milk that I just couldn’t get my eyes off.

Winter Milk is an ice cream chain in Monterrey, Mexico offering various snacks and treats alongside their boutique ice cream range. If you’ve ever been to South America, you’ll know that ice cream is an incredibly big deal. Getting a cone from a parlour, with their sumptuously whipped delights, is just part of city life. It’s a vitality that Anagrama’s has captured so well in this identity.

The logo and accompanying type treatment utilise wide, spaced out Futura in various formats with a complimentary script. The logo is housed within a rounded diamond holder that creates a simple lockup that’s not going to get lost anywhere. So far, so what? It’s a pretty standard affair, albeit perfectly executed. However when the colour is introduced, this simple design package is suddenly lifted into a space that’s full of 1950’s personality while retaining a modern edge. If there was ever a job that triumphed the importance of colour in a branding job, this would be it. The vibrant orange and blue are perfectly complimentary, and despite their evenness in saturation, don’t fight against each other. Often using two strong colour like this can become uncomfortable for the eye, however here it’s just  a spirit-lifter! You couldn’t enter this space and not feel happy about life... and about the ice cream you're about to devour. 

See the full project by Anagrama here.

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