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Hello and welcome to my profile!

My name is Yazmin Cauty-Stott, I am 17 years old and currently attending my final year at Long Bay College.

I am applying for the Game Art course in February 2018 at Media Design School. I believe that I would be a great candidate for this course as I have always had a passion for art as well as learning new things. I would like to be accepted into this course so that I may further pursue my dream of being a game artist as well as learn many new things that I can apply to my future artworks.

I hope you will consider my application and accept me as a new student of yours in 2018.

Project media

L3ADS Logo Development
L3ADS Logo Development


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Project details


These are a few logos I chose to develop from the original logo sketches shown previously. I took a number of designs I liked most from my logo sketches and developed them digitally by adding colour and/or other small details, this was the result.

Media: Illustrator + Photoshop
Date made: April 2017