Sean and Stacey collaborate for Fleet Foxes

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Im looking forward to January because I’ll finally get to see Fleet Foxes play live.

Just the other day an 8 minute epic video was released for The Shrine/ An Argument. It was directed and animated by Sean Pecknold who has worked on other projects for Fleet Foxes. This work is just amazing. The colours and fogginess of the whole piece is just so good. The character illustrations by Stacey Rozich are fantastic and have a similar feel to the illustrations from ‘Where the wild things are’. There is an interesting interview with her here.

Spend some time with this…. go full screen, pop in your head phones on and immerse yourself in it. It’s totally worth the time.

(Also check out the other work Sean has done, including the visuals for Fleet Foxes live performances).

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  • Erin E

    I adore that video, the visuals and music it create such a beautiful, immersive journey. Also very much looking forward to Fleet Foxes in January, hopefully catch you there.

  • Loganbradley

    Yeah, its amazing! I’ll holla at you from the seating section….