Loop Competition Winners Announcement

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And again, five judges in three continents had a tough job choosing a winner for Frontier’s latest competition the ‘Loop’.

Just to recap, the brief was to create a video loop max. 30 seconds, the first and the last frame should be the same. The concept can explore the idea of ‘an ending can be a beginning – a beginning can be an ending.’

The entrants also have to have a profile on Frontier with at least three portfolio pieces displayed.

We have amazing prizes on offer as usual, special thanks to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design to collaborate and sponsor this competition!

  • As a first prize, we are flying the winner to Santa Fe (USA) where you will spend an amazing three weeks and be a part of the ArtFest12 event. This means return flights, food and accommodation, and access to all of the Festival’s incredible workshops! PLUS a 3M MPRO 180 pocket-projector! OMG!
  • Second and third Prize winners will each receive a 3M MPRO 180 pocket-projector.
So drumroll please …


The first prize goes to  Sam Knight from Auckland New Zealand! The judges liked this piece the best because it is a ‘provocative, and great interpretation of competition concept’. We also liked the colours and the unique visual style. Sam can start getting ready for his big trip!


The second prize projector goes to Marko Žerjal from Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The judges liked Marko’s loop because of the clever shadow play and how it just ‘really run with the competition concept’.


The other projector goes to Patricia L. Ballard from Santa Fe, United States. The judges loved this piece because of it’s ‘nice clean minimalistic look and how the colours enhance the piece.’

Look out for the ‘best of’ post where we will announce who else’s work will get exhibited on the Outdoor Vision Fest!


There is no beginning without an ending

Category: ‘The Loop’ – Global Video Competition

There is no beginning without an ending, or without an ending, there is no beginning. Either or, both of them are just different points of view, different ways to see one situation, one single matter. Our perception allows us to see just one at a time. It’s like flipping a coin over and over.. there are two points of view but just one coin.

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and then…

Category: ‘The Loop’ – Global Video Competition

I climbed the stairs, reached the door and then I found it… .

Animation created for the Loop Frontier Contest, based on the concept “Every beginning has an ending, every ending has a beginning”. The search of a mysterious book entitled “The End” initiates an never ending journey,

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The Interworking’s of Science

Category: ‘The Loop’ – Global Video Competition

This loop combines original, monochromatic animation made in Adobe Photoshop with fractal artwork I made in the computer software Apophysis, set to motion in Final Cut Pro.

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Change your life in 30 sec.

Category: ‘The Loop’ – Global Video Competition

This is the story of dude that is sick of work & life and decides to take the PILL™ that will change it.

This is a loop.

This is your life.

This is anyone’s life.


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