The Weeknd: The Knowing

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We’ve really been embracing The Weeknd at Frontier HQ recently. Not just the two days between Friday and Monday, but the Canadian R&B Internet hit. Yes, here’s another one, someone who has triumphed by putting it out there for free and building an amazing reputation (hark PressPausePlay). If you’re not familiar with The Weeknd, he is Abel Tesfaye and he is pretty much doing it all extremely well at the moment.

We love his latest video for The Knowing released end of 2011. It’s like a science fiction montage set in post apocalyptic Ethiopia, with a little bit of Parisian culture thrown in there. Giacometti even features! It’s a little strange, but that’s good in our eyes.

Time to put your head phones on, turn your lights down… make it big and enjoy. It’s an awesome R&B/ Sci Fi mash up.

Get all 3 of his albums here for free.


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  • Paco

    Um, I just watched this video in it’s entirety for the first time today! I knew the song ( it isn’t my favourite on the mixtapes or anything…) and it IS wack BUT I think I’m into it! It’s all stars and pyramids and stick figures walking on clouds or something…I dunno but it’s kind of next level cool.
    Thanks for the links to download the mixtapes btw. Free-ness is awesome-ness!

  • Loganbradley

    No worries Paco…. You’re right, it is all sorts of wacko but also definitely cool. Of the albums that he’s put out, House of Balloons and Thursdays are great. Im still warming to the newest one, although the cover of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana is pretty amazing. Get in there…..