Aistė Stancikaitė’ pencil illustration



Aistė Stancikaitė is a Lithuanian illustrator who is currently based in Berlin. Her work struck me with its sensual simplicity. Stancikaitė predominantly uses coloured pencil and ballpoint pen to masterfully build up the appearance of light and shadow, rendering silky and velvety fabrics to a satisfying level of textural detail. Digital tools are only used to clean up or enhance the scans of the originals. She is at her most impactful when she uses only one pencil colour to render her subject matter. The commitment to such minimalism of tools requires a certain level of confidence at a time when so many techniques are available. And yet, it is perhaps in the freshness and incisive precision of Stancikaitė’s approach wherein lies her success.

Narrowing down the art-making medium also allows the illustrator to experiment with the different effects that can be produced with the humble pencil. Stancikaitė comfortably drifts between formalist-driven minimalism and highly figurative work. Sometimes, as in the drawings of fabric, she pushes realism almost to the point of abstraction.

Aistė Stancikaitė has attracted a host of editorial clients and also sells prints of her work online. She is represented by Grand Matter. Check out her Instagram too.