Anna Wray’s character driven, quirky illustrations



Anna Wray is illustrator who creates artwork for artist prints, commissioned editorial work, and has also worked on a couple of book illustration projects. Her clients have included the likes of Bloomsbury, Warby Parker, The Independent, and WIRED Magazine. Wray is based in Cambridge in the UK. The comparative quiet of a small university town must be a peaceful location from which to work.

Anna Wray has a distinctive style, which drew me to her work. She is very well practiced at creating humorous, whimsical characters that serve as perfect illustrations to editorial content, or as central protagonists in a story of their own. The illustrator professes a love for mid-century art, and this influence is evident in the careful choice of colours, the textures of her line, and in the character’s expressive features. Even when illustrating serious issues, Wray’s images never fail to produce a smile. You can check out her portfolio here and buy a print or two in her shop, if any strike your fancy.