Bolster by Tai Chen



Tai Chen is a Pratt Institute graduate student who currently works as a Communication Designer at Savvy Studio’s New York office. His Behance portfolio showcases his progress through his years of study. With time, his style evolves to become more sophisticated and meticulous in execution. Chen’s latest project, Bolster, is perhaps the most elaborate project so far.

Bolster is a concept for a digital platform that serves to facilitate multi-generational interactions. The logo is a simple icon that literally depicts two bolsters propping each-other up. The logo smoothly transforms into an tool kit of icons for the app. Its form is also enlarged and filled with colour to act as a design feature on posters and other communication materials. The colours and typography are modest and friendly, and the layout of the various sections of the online platform is reminiscent of print, rather than of flashy apps. This design decision makes it more inclusive to users from the older generation, a consideration that Chen tried to take into account in this project.

Bolster works by matching up users with specific skills and expertise. Upon signing up, a quiz determine’s whether one is a “Master” of any topic. They are matched with “apprentices” who learn from them via activities, which include events, podcasts, videos, and blog posts. Wider interest groups are formed. The intention of the platform is to take the interactions from the digital space into community events.

Bolster is a timely concept when the population in many countries is aging rapidly.