A tribute to the humble cursor



Here is a bit of fun for the weekend. Interactive video and motion capture technology is becoming popular. Logan wrote about a beautiful example a couple of weeks ago, in the post dedicated to Arcade Fire's latest single. My offering isn't quite so visually sophisticated, but it is pretty fun! A tribute to the humble cursor, which could be doomed for extinction as touch screens take over, donottouch.org also functions as a crowd-sourced video for Dutch band Light Light. When the video kicks in, you are given a number of instructions, which lead you to interact with the images on the screen with your cursor. The movement is captured, and then uploaded to the website, joining the swarm of other mouse pointers. I won't give away too much more, just go ahead and have a play yourself! Bonus – the music is great too.

The fact that interactive music videos are becoming more common is perhaps an inevitable development for the music industry. It gives independent musicians the opportunity to engage listeners on another level, and to reach wider audiences. I came across the website because of the designers, and now I'm quite liking the band!

The website was developed by Studio Moniker, who are behind other participatory projects such as oneframeoffame.com, nowtakeabow.com and the silly but addictive pointerpointer.com. It is the brainchild of Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters, who also create more exploratory work as Conditional Design. Their interests are in new technologies and the ways in which they influence society and human interaction. There are some interesting projects and experiments based on collaboration, predetermined processes and logic, check them out!

Anna Tokareva