ER Studio LA



Eric Roinestad cut his teeth in the design world as an art director for what would become one of the world’s most influential magazines. After setting up his own boutique design studio working for the entertainment and fashion industries, Roinestad helped conceive and launch the award-winning Flaunt Magazine. I remember my first issue of Flaunt, it’s cover alone was a piece to behold. The magazine pioneered an innovative approach to art, music and design, and firmly placed Roinestad as one of the industries top creatives. This level of success saw Roinestad become senior art director for Capitol Records, rebranding the iconic music label and overseeing design for some of the label’s top talent.

As impressive as his design creds are, his move into ceramics and home accessories is equally as interesting.

Roinestad ceramics are bold and unapologetic. His vessels play with geometries and proportion, elongating and ballooning shapes into elegant objects with a primitive quality. This characteristic flows through to his various areas of work, culminating in a wide collection of objects, lighting and masks. His Corinthian helmets are formed of geometric shapes with a smooth whitewash finish. They feel modernist and architectural, with Roinestad himself citing the work of Irving Gill as a point of inspiration. The helmets hold an incredible amount of personality without being comical, a balance perhaps achieved by his confined approach to shape and structure. This personified nature of his work interestingly creeps into his various lines of product, with vessels that appear like Maasai women with stretched necks and drooping ears, and lights that stand like sentinels.