Factorie Rebrand By Interbrand



Interbrand is one of Austrlia's most influencial branding agencies, and Factorie, a household name in contemporary, urban streetwear.

In a world where businesses struggle to reach teenagers, Factorie was famous for its youth culture. Unafraid and unapologetic, it resonated with its customers in a way few brands do. So when Factorie’s audience started to grow up, the brand did too.

It became a little more mature. Slightly more sensible. Less teenage angsty, and certainly less controversial. But in the end, the effort to stay relevant to its original fans saw the overall brand lose its relevancy.

The new brand sits at the collision point between contemporary culture and that timeless youth attitude. Made for the restless generation, it draws inspiration from everything from modern-day influencers like @kathebbss and London grime, to DIY producers and even 80’s grunge.

Born from Factorie’s oldest and most authentic element of all (its name), the logo offers a striking device for owning and disrupting imagery. But more importantly, it’s shorthand for a new kind of factory - a place where young people and artists can relax, remix, craft and collaborate. It invites the restless generation in, before asking a small, simple, unrelenting question… What will you create?

Via: Interbrand Australia