Felix Pfäffli's posters



I have come across several of these posters upon my ramblings through the Pinterests and Tumblrs of the internet, but have only recently realised that they have all been produced by the same person. Felix Pfäffli is the man behind the work. He started his design studio, Feixen, upon his graduation in 2010 and has since produced an intimidating amount of stellar work. Pfäffli has worked on editorial design, the odd animation and has designed several typefaces. However, his strength and primary stream of work is poster design. His aesthetic is varied—he clearly puts a lot of thought into each project, tailoring his visual response to the poster's subject. Strong typography and clever, crafted illustration feature across all his work. Pfäffli is unafraid of using bright, clashing colours and sometimes pushing legibility to the limit to achieve a strong, unforgettable image.

A common characteristic that shines through Felix Pfäffli's diverse visual language is the confidence he demonstrates in his chosen idea. Each poster seems to be based around one strong concept, which shouts loud and clear, with the rest of the elements playing a supporting function. Illustration plays a central part here. Even when typography is the focus, it tends to take on an illustrative function, hovering between decoration and communication. This approach effectively captures the viewer's attention, pushing us to lean in closer for the details.

The examples of Felix Pfäffli's work I have selected are but a small sample of this talented young designer's portfolio. You can find more excellent design work here and listen to his interview with Typeradio here.