Gucci x Ignasi Monreal



Gucci continues to delight with their new visual direction. As part of this new Gucci world, Alessandro Michele has begun collaborating with visual artists for installations and for the creation of work for seasonal prints.

One of the best collaborations has seen artist Ignasi Monreal create a series of wacky images that have been used throughout collections, and most recently, as an illustrated gift book inspired by mythology, Renaissance paintings and medieval alchemy. The relationship between Monreal and Gucci began in 2015 when the artist was commissioned to create artwork for #GucciGram - a creative project that saw various artists reinterpret some of Gucci’s signature patterns.

Monreal’s painterly aesthetic blends kitsch with fashion, along with a wry sense of humour. It’s a wonderful blend that creates the impression of a brand that feels young and desirable, and one that’s now not taking itself all that seriously anymore.

See all of Ignasi Monreal’s work for Gucci over on his Instagram account.