Honia by Atelier Martini and Pszemek Dzienis



Atelier Martini is the eponymous 3D, design, and art direction studio of Andreas Martini, who has been in the business for over 10 years. He has picked up a host of Art Directors Club (ADC) awards and worked with sought-after brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and Samsung. Like all practitioners who rise above being just ‘good enough’ to being great at their craft, Atelier Martini creates plenty of self-initiated work in addition to client commissions. Personal projects provide a space of more freedom to experiment and make mistakes. It can be difficult for those illustrators and designers who have a distinctive visual style to expand their repertoire, when clients have seen their past work and ask for more of the same. When there are no deadlines or briefs to fulfil, one is free to play with completely different approaches, which may well bring in a fresh host of clients later.

Atelier Martini specialises in 3D graphics that often consist of shiny, abstract, or geometric shapes; taught and juicy looking objects; or sumptuous text. Honia, a collaborative investigative project, is an alternative venture for the studio. Here, Martini has worked with photographer Pszemek Dzienis to transform the model Honia Wojtkowską into a cyborg, merging the human body with aesthetic digital adornments. There has been a strong push-back on the common practice of using digital manipulation to make models look thinner, lighter, and smoother in the media. It’s about time. Honia presents a possibility of what can be done with the time and skills of idle touch-up teams. Why not ‘enhance’ models by playing with the possibilities of CGI to imagine new hybrid visuals? It is certainly more interesting than shrinking the size of someone’s arm — both for the digital artist and for the audience. Check out more of the process of making Honia on Atelier Martini’s Behance profile.

Model: Honorata WojtkowskaAndrews Models | Photographer: Pszemek Dzienis | 3D/CG: Atelier Martini | Styling: Michał KoszekVan Dorsen Talents | Make Up: Polka Dźwigała | Hair: Gor Duran / AF Photo | Photographer Assistant & Retouch: Wojtek Gardaś | Retouch: Tomasz Szymula | Agency/Production: Photoby - Analog/Digital, Warsaw