I Am Intersex



Despite the rise of open and honest discussion and education on gender diversity at the moment, the world still has a long way to go. It’s exciting, and scary for some, to see the world that we live in broadening and hopefully becoming more open and inclusive. In the western world these conversations seem to be more accepted than other parts of the world, however, even in countries most of us would consider modern, horror stories related to gender still seem prevalent.

Antimatter, an animation studio operating out of Milan, have produced this wonderful film, I Am Intersex. In their words, “talking about gender topics has never been easy. It is an intricate issue per se as it implies several biological and cultural aspects and it is often surrounded by ideological preconceptions. Talking about intersex is even more challenging as on top of the mentioned difficulties, the word itself - let alone its challenging dynamics - is virtually unknown by the vast majority of the public”.

I Am Intersex, tells the story of a child who’s born-gender defies the traditional male/ female prescriptions. This is a biological occurrence but often results in a reassignment at birth to a specific gender, the premise being to ofter what is deemed as an ordinary life for the child. This obviously can backfire on multiple levels because for one, a newborn cannot communicate how it identifies, and two, because the reassignment is done without the child’s consent.

Narrated by artist and leading intersex activist Pigeon Pagonis, I Am Intersex gently removes the fear that is often associated with anything other than normal. The animation style is fluid with a lovely illustration style that eases you through the story as gently, and warmly as Pigeon’s narration. It’s worth taking the time with this one, and also sharing it as it’s message, whether it be about intersex or just acceptance in general, is an important one.