Kenzo vs Toilet Paper



I don't know if I could physically like Maurizio Cattelan more than I currently do. The art legend who has turned his back on the community and instead has a made his trade in the magazine business, is potentially one of this decades most daring image makers.

And now Kenzo has jumped onto this fabulous band wagon for their latest advertising campaign. Employing Cattelan, his photographer buddy Pierpaolo Ferrari and the entire Toilet Paper Magazine aesthetic, Kenzo's new campaign is on the right side of the bizarre. And I have to say, what a perfect mix for this brand. Under new leadership of Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the Kenzo brand has made a sudden and meteoric rise back into the realm of 'it brands'. The pair aren't afraid of collaboration, previously working with the likes of Yoko Ono on their own label, and now this collaboration with the famed satirist, only propels them further into a league of brilliant designers who have managed to transform brands whilst maintaining the integrity of the original labels principles.

Kenzo and Toilet paper. It couldn't be a better mix.

Logan Bradley