Let there be collaboration!



Here's subvision:reversion.
It's a new Frontier initiative designed with global artistic collaboration in mind. It's a cool way to kill a couple of minutes and sneakily put off your pile of work. Frontier is home to an international community of artists and so, we knew we needed to give you all something to work on. Together.

subvision:reversion is an experiment in visual collaboration. The idea being that an artist both takes and makes a piece of work. This work then forms an ever evolving chain of art being picked up, worked on and put down for another artist to do the same. It encourages artistic interpretation, challenges artistic ability and works a bit like this….

You're given a canvas that contains only a portion of a previous artist's work on it.
Using the limited drawing tools, you reinterpret that piece and complete a new one.
Submit your work once it is complete
Once submitted, a portion of your own work is passed onto the next artist who will in turn repeat the same process.

Click here to give it a go, make your mark on this global artwork!