To specialise or to generalise? It's a dilemma faced by many in the creative industries. Personally, I tend to root for being a jack-of-all-trades, while honing deeper focus in one area. It's important to always stay open to opportunities for learning new skills and techniques. The very talented fraternal twins, turned creative co-directors, Maricor/Maricar, have come to an envious balance. They started their careers with a variety of design, illustration, animation and motion work, ending up at the same studio, Mathematics, for several years. After gaining some experience in the field, they decided to begin their eponymous venture. Now the pair is known primarily for their embroidery work, though they continue taking on illustration and motion projects too.

Maricor/Maricar's solid grounding in design is evident in their work. This embroidery bares no resemblance to grandma's embroidered napkins or cross-stitch country scenes. It's bright, loud and contemporary. Meticulously executed lettering and bold patterns are their strengths. Be it a cover for Desktop Magazine, or a motivational quote, the work is carried out with impressive skill and attention to detail. Not bad for self-taught crafters! The sisters have created work for some big clients, including TOMS Shoes, GOOD Magazine, and Wired Magazine and are represented by Jacky Winter and Handsome Frank illustration agencies. Perhaps it's time to learn some crafty new skills, who knows what will be in demand next? Get onto that macramé you've always dreamed of!

Anna Tokareva