Migrant Journal is disrupting the conversation around migration




‘Migrant’ is a term that has become politicised and vilified in unfortunate, painful ways in our contemporary times. Migration has been a reality throughout the ages, and not only for humans, but for birds, animals, and even microscopic organisms. The entire planet is seething with systems of circulation, some of which move in cyclical rhythms, while others drift from one location to another, settling there for various periods of time before moving on. Migrant Journal is a magazine that seeks to explore the topic of migration from different angles. Tackling micro and macro scales, and including human, animal, microbial, and material actors into its definition of a ‘migrant,’ it opens up the conversation around migratory flows to wider frames of reference.

Migrant Journal is limited to only six issues, and its latest issue, number four, was released recently. This means that, though it is a serial publication, the magazine’s curation needs to be very tight and considered, almost like that of a book. The journal’s editors are a team of three: Michaela Büsse, Dámaso Randulfe and Justinien Tribillon. The design is the work of Offshore Studio, a Zurich-based duo of Isabel Seiffert and Christoph Miller. Offshore Studio specialises in editorial design, with a particular interest in the exploration of labour flows and remote territories. Their background and research interests made them the perfect contenders for the design of the magazine.
They combine flawless typesetting with experimental 3D illustration and succinct infographics, using design as a support for the content, never just an embellishment.

You can purchase the latest issue of Migrant Journal here, and see more work from Offshore Studio here.