Mission Design’ branding of Talent Norge



Sometimes, a design studio can have a lot of fun with branding, creating a full identity, accompanied with a whole suite of playful collateral. A designer can really showcase a multitude of skills in such a project, from graphic design and development, to illustration, and even some copy writing. Hospitality clients perhaps tend to be the most rewarding in this sense.

At other times, the designer must exercise restraint and fend off the temptation to show off their prowess with bells and whistles includedx. They must also avoid simply going along with current trends. Instead, they must answer to the needs of the project in the best way they can. And, sometimes, this means taking it down a notch and creating something that is quietly confident, rather than flashy and self-satisfied.

Mission Design, a brand-focused design studio based in Oslo, is a mature company, one that takes the process of developing a brand, applying it across various touchpoints, and then analysing the results, very seriously. Their recent work for Talent Norge is a great example. Talent Norge is a Norwegian organisation that leverages support form private donors, institutions, and other entities to provide funding to talented young performers. They provide artists with career development and training.

Mission Design’s answer to the brief of branding this organisation is elegant and restrained. They have succeeded in creating a monogram that communicates competition, selection, and the power of dreams. The capital “T’s” arranged in a circle reference a dandelion, the flower that children love to wish upon. It also represents a strong group of candidates, where one stands out beyond the rest. The monogram is a strong image that has multiple meanings, all of which speak to the purpose of the brand. It sits of a black background, or on the photographs also selected by Mission Design. The art direction of photography expresses the strength and talent of the candidates, proving to be an inspiration for both applicants and donors. Mission Design have developed a brand that sets out to showcase the talent of others, rather than outperforming Talent Norge’s young clients. A perfect solution. Find more form Mission Design here.