Mouni Feddag’s illustrations



Mouni Feddag is an illustrator from the UK. She studied her craft in Germany, before returning home. Feddag is represented by Bright Agency for children’s illustration work and art licensing projects, and also works on editorial illustration projects on a regular basis. Past clients have included the likes of Anthropologie, Slate, Wacon, and Vogue Online.

I must confess, I have a soft spot for illustrations of animals. Particularly ones that are somewhat unorthodox, where animals take on anthropomorphic roles, and crazy colours and textures. As a child, I adored reading beautifully illustrated books — this must be why. My favourite illustrations of Feddag’s are her depictions of a lion. Her version of the king of the beasts wears an adorable halo of wiry pink and orange hair. He transforms from an adorable fuzzy dandelion into a roaring beast of the jungle at the illustrator’s whim. Feddag’s animals are cheeky and fun. Her drawing style is texturally rich and she builds up colourful, cacophonous scenes with layers of lines, blobs, squiggles, and swirls. There is often more detail in each piece than meets the eye, so these illustrations have more to offer the longer one spends with them.

Find more examples of Mouni Feddag’s work here and browse her Society6 store for an array of goods featuring her prints.