Nike x Man vs Machine



Man vs Machine is a London based creative agency who’ve been churning out incredible work for a number of years now. The studio has had a long history with Nike, and their various collaborations with the mega brand are only getting better.

Previous iterations have included some explosive animation sequences where the shoe of the moment is pulled apart, re-interpreted, abstracted and given a life of it’s own. These treatments often then extend out into store livery and print collateral, however the animation remains the king of the castle, so to speak.

For this latest campaign though, the studio has switched it up a bit. 3D is still present, however live action, photography, cell animation, typography and a series of gifs round off a suite of super lit imagery. The whole campaign hinges around a super modern editorial design where crops, inserts and repetitive imagery create a non-stop feast for the eye. The brand film utilises all these assets tying them together with early tech aesthetics. Each aspect of the varying styles are incredibly fine tuned and merge together perfectly, meaning that an art director with a keen eye must’ve been steady at the helm.

Such brilliant work.