Oh Oh Pressure Go packaging will chase out the zombie in you





Oh Oh Pressure Go is a playful exercise in packaging design. The project was developed by a group of Taiwanese designers Po-Zhi Yang, Ching-Te Weng, Mei-Ju Shih, Yu-Ching Chiu and Pei-Wen Ku. The concept is very fun, yet rooted in the age-old design of traditional Chinese medicine packaging, with its intricate patterns, elaborate graphic devices, and stylised illustrations. Oh Oh Pressure Go is a collection of ten different products, magic spells and patches that purport to attack ten different psychological stresses. The designers have drawn connections between a person afflicted by intense stress and a zombie — when you are stressed your body becomes tense, stiff, and achey, your movements jerky. Each of the afflictions is represented by a different expressive zombie-like face, contorted in comical grimaces. These caricatures transform ordinary cardboard boxes into something special.
A set of five books accompanies the packages. Laid out together, they form a puzzle of a huge drawing of a blue heart, which is also echoed on the side of the boxes. The heart represents the source of all this psychological stress. The designers hope that patients can partially gain relief from flipping through the booklets. These are complex, heavily illustrated examples of Chinese binding, curious and delightful, they are bursting with illustrations, text, and pull-outs. Old-style Chinese medicine packaging lends itself to being mixed with the visual compartments of a graphic novel, and the designers make the most of these connections, including some gorgeous comicbook-like graphics.  
A beautiful project from a mysterious group of designers. Hopefully we will see more from them in the future.