Par La Roy by Savvy Studio



I've been doing a lot of window shopping lately and I am liking this refreshing shop identity and interior design by Savvy Studio. A space like this might just lure me in from merely hanging around and gazing at the window displays! The Par La Roy store showcases a number of different brands and emerging designers, so the space needs to accommodate a potentially eclectic selection of wares. The identity reflects this with a discordant collection of letters that happily sit together to create an effervescent logo. The logo is applied to business cards, dressing rooms and signage, with a few letters escaping and making their way around the shop to enliven the walls and display units.

In contrast to the logo, the interior is starkly white-bright. A recurring grid pattern is evident in the jewellery displays and small square floor tiles. The structure is further enforced in the different display units, which all use metal tubing in simple, formal compositions. Natural fabrics line the cabinets and changing rooms to add some tactility and warmth. This stark backdrop, dotted with mirrored surfaces and green leafy plants, lets the products shine. I like it that the range is very limited—it gives each object extra attention and makes me want to carefully examine them up close. Great care has been taken to the strategic placement of every garment, the space almost feels like a museum display! Only much more friendly and welcoming.

Savvy Studio are based in Monterry and have an amazing portfolio of branding and interior design projects that include boutiques, eateries and bookstores. Put aside some time to have a look through it—they have completed an extensive amount of work since coming together in 2011, and it's all stunning.

Anna Tokareva