Prada Double Club by Carsten Höller



Last week, Carsten Höller continued his exploration of duality and of opposites with a pop up bar in collaboration with Prada.  coincides with Miami Art Week.

The 3-day-only bar – Prada Double Club Miami  – coincides with Miami Art Week and resides in a 1920’s film studio complex. The bar comprises of two contrasting environments. Outside a tropical garden is bathed in multi-coloured lighting that casts a bright neon glow on the surrounding fauna, coloured neon strips frame the outdoor bar. Inside, the space represents the complete opposite. Here the space is devoid of any of the flooding colour witnessed outside. Instead geometric patterns in black and white fill the space, drinks are only served black or white, dance floor lighting is pure white and waiters are painted fully in one of the two shades. The two-sidedness of the spaces becomes visually affronting, especially inside where the colour of the patrons becomes like a foreign object.

See more of this spectacular space here