Promax BDA by Alkanoids




Promax BDA is a conference and awards body that celebrates the work of designers creating for broadcast and digital view platforms. The event occurs round the globe in various cities, with each conference inviting a set of designers to create the event branding and opening title sequence. For the most recent Promax BDA Europe hosted in Rome, a bubbly, effervescent brand was created by Milanese design studio, Alkanoids

The main theme for the conference was ‘break time’, that moment that we use to recharge our batteries and clear our heads of anything that could be blocking up the flow of creativity. Alkanoids visualised this through a variety of aesthetic styles, from 3D renders, to 2D illustrations and claymation. A candy coloured palette underpins the entire brand that depicts clogged up scenes, back-logged data and comical shopping conveyor belts, all items that under the pressure, explode to enable freedom of creativity. 

The real star of the work is the it’s ability to tie so many visual styles together into one cohesive piece, a task that can be challenging to achieve. However here, through some superb editing and a restricted colour palette, a fun, out-of-the-box brand has been created that reflects the very nature of the event.