Radiant Lines



The finest blend of fine art and architecture we've seen for a very long time. With a background in both Fine Arts and Architecture Seher Shah is known for weaving together different architectural, historical and personal iconographies in largely monochromatic works.

Her recent exhibition 'Radiant Lines' in Berlin comprised drawings, prints and photographic light boxes. Radiant Lines is a reference to La Ville Radieuse, 'The Radiant City', a concept developed from the 1930's and is about of reforming society through his modernist approaches to town planning. Shah's work reflects idealised modernism, deconstructed components intersecting with geometric shapes. She is looking at the structures from different perspectives, removing the object from the context of it's surrounding landscape. Originally from Pakistan, Seher Shah grew up in London, Brussels and New York. Click here to see some more selected work from this exhibition.