Shipping container apartments by Arkitema Architects





Arkitema Architects is a large architectural firm with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Malmö. They have been tasked with building a new housing development in Roskilde, a city located around 30 minutes away from Copenhagen. Roskilde is famous for the massive music festival that annually attracts tens of thousands people from all over Europe. The local government has purchased a site of an old factory in the city, with the view to develop it into a new creative community. Thus, Musicon was born. When complete, Musicon will be home to 2000 dwellings and as many workplaces. A unique experiment of sorts, the neighbourhood reflects its city’s creative spirit.

Arkitema Architects have designed an apartment block made almost entirely of shipping containers. The design honours Musicon’s industrial history, while also doubling as a sustainable building solution. Anchored on a concrete foundation and encased within a steel frame structure, the housing block retains the exteriors of the shipping containers, not trying to disguise them like many projects that incorporate the increasingly popular building solution tend to do. The apartments will come in three sizes: one container (30 square meters), two joined containers (60 square meters) and three joined containers (90 square meters). Some will even feature balconies. The visualisations look lively and attractive, yet honest to the materials used. It will be interesting to see the built results. Keep up with Arkitema Architects’ work here.

Via Arch Daily